The STI developed 2011 platform has been putting faster follow up shots on target for years. The competitive shooting world was first to recognize and embrace the innovation and its appreciably superior performance advantages. You can more easily put multiple shots on target more accurately and rapidly thanks in large part to its modular assemblies, which helps to transfer kinetic energies on a much flatter plane. The handgun shooter is able to hold / maintain aim more accurately as felt recoil moves horizontally rather than the more typical vertical trajectory.

Non-competitive shooters have acknowledged the 2011 advantages as well. For the concealed carry and personal defense users, it means confidence in knowing that you can better control your shots. With the 2011’s modified recoil you are able to train and practice more comfortably, providing you the opportunity to perfect your skills. And, it features increased round capacity due to a double stack magazine design. Even with its increased round capacity, the 2011 platform has only a minimally increased grip circumference. Some argue that it actually feels more secure in the hand. Bottom line is that the 2011 has proven its significant accuracy, dependability and shooter performance enhancing qualities for decades—both on and off of the range.